About Photo - Music Theory Guitar Ukulele Piano

Hi, I am Paul Noddings.

My passion is people playing music.

My goal is to help YOU to play music.

Textbooks make learning to play music difficult!

Music Wormholes are fun, visual and music theory correct,

which means you will have a good foundation of music theory knowledge

and you will sound good!


Play any of the notes/chords
shown in the cutout window
and you will sound good!


Music Wormhole’s are very good tools to help you to practice your musicianship
and they are excellent music theory reference tools.

Music Wormholes are available on laminated cardstock and
Apple’s mobile platforms (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

Music Wormhole’s products start simple
and increase in complexity as you progress
through the series of products.

Please visit me on Facebook
or send me an email:

Thank you.

Paul Noddings